Swimwear That Suits Your Body Type

Alysha Bishop

Posted on April 16 2022

Swimwear That Suits Your Body Type

 Flat Booty

No Booty ??!!! .....Say NO to bottoms that are full briefed!!! Emphasise your bottom with cute frills and ruching, as again they give the illusion of a bigger booty, along with a cheeky or Brazilian cut brief. 

Below:(left- right) Moana Bikini and Bella Bikini

 Big Booty

If you have that sexy big booty, You have the option of wearing any bikinis and/or swimwear that you like... As some of you may want to reveal and flaunt your booty with Brazilian cut string bikinis and high-cut or skimpy cut swimsuits. Where others may look for designs with a solid full briefed bottoms and printed tops -- which will help balance out your behind :)

Below; (left-right) www.delmaar.com.au, For love and lemons, lulifama.com


Small Chested


Let your little ladies shine .... When you have a small chest you can flaunt skimpy strings, cutouts, one-shoulders, tiny bralette's, bandeaus and neck plunging bikini tops....Or wear a push up, embellished, ruffled and printed kinis to give the illusion of bigger breasts:)

Below: (left-right) Sea of candy bikini, www.delmaar.com.au, Victoria's Secret


Full chested

Strings and cutouts are not your friend, you need swimwear with underwire and cup sizes, this will offer you all the support you need !!! Also look for thicker bikini or full-piece straps, and double-stitched bands for a flattering look!!

Below: (left-right) Victoria's Secret, Monday Swimwear, Boohoo.com


Love Handles

Fighting the bulge is much easier than you think and you have two ways to do this....  

1. A high-waisted bottom it works wonders -- just make sure it extends above or just under your belly button to prevent a muffin top.

2. The string bikini bottom is also your best friend. The side ties allow customizing to fit your shape and won't squeeze your sides like a thick-band bottom might!!

Below:(left-right) Fancy Swimwear, Asos, Ondademar

 Short legs 


If you want to elongate shorter legs, go for swimwear with high cuts!!! - The higher the cut, the longer the legs appear :) Lucky for you, as the 1980s high-cut swimwear is the craze this summer. 

Below: (left-right) illiasswimwear, illiasswimwear, flookthelabel 


 A tummy pouch

Hiding a tummy is easier than most people think. Defiantly go for a full-piece swimsuit either one with ruching - this helps to conceal your stomach, or a full-peice with a plunching neckline - to help keep the focus upwards rather than on the mid section. Also Peplums are perfect for the beach!! Another great idea is having a swimsuit that has two colours as shown below (pic 2) = Curvy-licious

Below: Seafolly swimwear and Asos (last)





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