How to choose a bikini by your body shape

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Posted on April 16 2022

Best Bikini for Your Body Type

Whether you are looking for the beachwear or a bikini to laze around the poolside while vacationing at a luxury resort, it is important to choose a bikini that helps in creating a visual balance, that is tone down some areas while highlighting the others to make you look gorgeous yet comfortable.

Australia luxury Swimwear brand

Shopping for the bikini is not an easy task. We not only need to look for the bikini that makes us look flattering but also that is comfortable. If you are also confused where to start from, the Bella Bikini, Australia luxury Swimwear brand has some tips on how to select the best bikini for your body type. Read below to know more about it:

1. Pear Shape: This body type refers to women who have a curvaceous bottom and a petite upper bottom. As your hips are wider than your shoulder, the focus should be on the top half. For pear-shaped body beaded bikinis look great. Look for the beaded bikini in brighter colors to accentuate the bust. Pair the beaded bikini with your style to enhance your inner beauty and get the confidence. When it comes to beaded bikini, there is no one better than Bella Bikini, an Australian luxury swimwear brand. The brand source the beads right from Brazil to ensure the highest quality.

2. Apple Shape: This body type refers to the women who have fuller breast, slim waist, and lean legs. To create a visual balance, it is important to emphasize on the bottom half of the body. For the apple shaped body, bikini with thick straps is an ideal pick as it will narrow the shoulders while supporting the bust. To draw attention to the waist and legs Bella Bikini expert suggests wearing bright patterned bottoms that are inspired by the picturesque coastlines Mexico and South America.

3. Hourglass shape: If you have the hourglass shaped body, then most women envy you as you have a well-proportioned top and bottom. As your body is already in balance, you can choose the bikini of your choice. Breakup Bandeau embellished with beads in bold and solid colors will help you look sexy and confident. The Bandeau bikini top at Bella Bikini are hand beaded with Agate stone and beads directly sourced from Brazil. These bikinis have hidden underwire with soft cups which ensure right support and shape.

4. Rectangular shape: This body shape refers to the women whose little curves strive for the limelight. These women want to add volume to both the bottom and top and therefore, should choose girly and bright bikini pieces. One good idea is to look for the bikini with frills or bead embellishments on both your bottom and top. Looking for the florals or girly pieces is the best suggested for the rectangular shape.

5. Athletic body: This body type women have a flat body, and the purpose is to give an illusion of more curves which can be achieved with bikini with padding, cups, and gathering. Pick girly, printed or beaded bikini to enhance the athletic figure and get an edge.

If you don’t fit into these categories, nothing to worry. The experts also list down do’s for bikini shopping for women with different body types:

1. Flat booty: If you have the flat booty, look for ruching and ruffles to create an illusion of bigger booty. Also, look for bottoms in bright colors and bold prints to distract from the flatter bumps. If you are comfortable, look for the bottoms that allow a little sneak-peek rather than the full-coverage bottoms.

2. Big booty: If you have bog booty it is best to stay away from the high-cut and string bikinis as they will be too revealing and uncomfortable. You will surely not like to constantly tug the bottom while enjoying the beach or the poolside. The classic full brief bottom available at Bella Bikini is an ideal pick.

3. Short torso: If you have a short torso the trick is to elongate it by adding the length and lifting the bustline. Low rise bottoms give an impression of the longer torso while the halter bikini tops draw attention to the shoulders and neckline. At Bella Bikini, you can find luxury triangle top with ties around the neck or over the shoulders. Prefer solid colors like navy blue or orange or the marble print to add style to your wear.

4. Fat Back: If you have a fat back refrain from buying the tops or swimwear with thin straps. The thin straps will dig into your skin and make the dreaded flesh folds look more visible. To get the bump and lump free back look, prefer high backs and thicker straps.

5. Short legs: Girls with shorter legs are always on the lookout for swimwear and bikini that can make the gams appear longer. If you are also one of them, then you must go for bottoms with high cuts or thong. You can even go for the Brazilian cut bottom with flirty scrunch and tie side strings for the flirty fit. You can find the right bottom at Bella Bikini in colors like blue, black, Azul, and Aztec.

6. Tummy Pouch: If you have a pouch you need not worry. You can easily hide it with a beautiful beaded one-piece with a plunging neckline. The neckline will keep the focus upwards rather than the mid-section. At Bella Bikini, you can easily find luxurious beaded one piece in colors like black, white, navy blue, and many more.

    When buying the Australian luxury swimwear ensure that you buy it from the best to ensure best fit and quality. Especially if you plan to buy the beaded bikini look for only Bella Bikini as their beaded bikini are handcrafted, and all the beads are directly sourced from Brazil ensuring high quality and good colors.

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