Reasons why you should always buy designer swim

Alysha Bishop

Posted on April 16 2022

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We're letting you in on the reasons why you should buy designer swimwear over your average or below average bikinis from Forever21 or Zaful. We know you've seen those horrible bikini reviews and thought to yourself "should I try that out?". The answer is absolutely not!!!!. Buying from a designer swimwear label is a must - see below xx


"quality over quantity". This should be your motto to live by!! Luxury designer bikinis are quality crafted pieces and made with love as this is our passion. Also we choose the most luxe lycra fabrics to use for our swimwear designs. Designers source their lycra or swimwear material ensuring that is it the best quality and will last the longest - we also do loads of test to make sure of this!!! We make sure it features such as four way stretch or properly resists degradation from chlorinated water. Haven't you ever wondered how a bikini holds it's shape or how the color doesn't fade in the sun? It's all in the material. Good quality material. Take a look at the material used to make cheaper bikini brands or chain brand swimsuits.... before you think about buying one. There's a reason why they only last you a few wears, because their designed with the cheapest spandex or lycra that's usually sourced from China and feels like plastic instead of the soft, buttery feel of quality lycra.

Supporting boss babes

Designer swimwear is called 'designer' for a reason. It's crafted just like an art form from actual designers with a vision. Think about Dior or Channel - it's the same concept in the swimwear industry and by buying luxury designer bikinis you're supporting the boss babe designers behind the brands. When you decide to shop cheap you're actually buying knockoff products that were stolen and mass produced in large factories in China. 


The Fit

Say goodbye to the bikini sag that you experience wearing cheap lycra. A quality designed bikini will hold its shape and hug your body wear after wear because you are buying better quality swimwear and fabrics the fit will be a lot better. Designer swimwear hugs your body in all the right places by properly stretching over your curves and shaping to your body's movements. This is that four-way stretch feature that we discussed earlier and it's AMAZING!!! 

Style Is Everything

Let's be honest, style is everything. Getting dressed everyday is a direct reflection of your personal style and your swimwear choices are a part of that. Be true to your own personal style and if that's designer swimwear than totally rock it! Be the girl on the beach that every other girl is secretly envying for rocking a totally cute swimsuit and owning it. With style comes confidence, and we can almost guarantee that when you're wearing a designer swimsuit you'll feel 100% more confident than you will in a knockoff one.

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